Lincoln Music Students Perform at Solo Festival

On Saturday, April 14th, Lincoln music students performed at the State Contest. Lincoln Vocal Music Students received 21 Division I ratings, 10 Division II ratings, and 3 Division III ratings. In addition, Lincoln students earned the “Best of Center” designation for all three vocal performance centers.

In Center 1, Allison Richter got Best of Center and had a perfect score.

In Center 2, Kevin Johnson got  Best of Center for the 2nd year.

In Center 3, the Mixed Double quartet (which was comprised of Lincoln’s 8 Choir All Staters) received Best of Center and had a perfect score as well.  They are: Ben Sides, Allison Richter, Kevin Johnson, Jessica Richter, Josie Bowen, Deborah Chaplin, Dan Schnathorst and Sam Sides. The double quartet was prepared and directed by Ben Sides.

Congratulations to all the students who performed and worked at this event!

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