AP Exam Registration Deadline April 1

The AP Exam Registration Deadline is April 1st. Pick up a registration form at your school, fill it out, and return it to the school bookkeeper, Katie Mattiussi. AP Exam fee for 2015 is $91 per exam. There is a $15.00 deposit due at the time of registration. The balance for each exam is requested on or before April 1.

Do you qualify for free or reduced priced lunch?        

If you qualify for free or reduced priced lunch, you can take the AP exam for free due to a fee reduction from the College Board and a grant from the United Way of Central Iowa.

You must register on or before April 1. April 1 is the final deadline for placing an AP exam order. Please note that if you register for an exam, but do not show up on the exam date, you will be charged a $15.00 unused test fee. This applies to all students

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