Chamber Choir Students Rub Prep for All State Audition Day

It was a long but exciting day for students of Lincoln’s most select choir, Chamber Choir, as they participated in the Iowa High School Music Association’s All State Auditions.

​26 students met at Lincoln dark and early at 5:30 AM to eat breakfast, warm-up, and receive the audition cuts before traveling to Indianola to audition alongside over 500 students from other schools in the South Central Division.

​ Auditions began at 9:00 AM with first-round picks results released around 3:30 PM, just before the start of recalls and second round picks at 7:00 PM. Lincoln had two students involved in the recall process.

The process of preparing for All State auditions was extraordinarily beneficial in these students’ vocal and choral development as they grew their vocal technique and ear through singing in quartets. Students learned and practiced singing in a vulnerable situation with the pressures of an audition while bonding and growing as a team. It was a successful day for Chamber Choir and Lincoln was represented well.

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