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Lincoln’s iJAG students, lead by teacher Amy Jeffrey-Kennel, have been busy! Here are some updates on what the program has been up to. Two Lincoln iJAG students were sent to the National Student Leadership Academy competition in Iowa: David Ewing and Quinzell McNeil. David has been selected to represent iJAG in Washington DC at the NSLA there. He was one of 12 students chosen in the entire state! He will travel to DC during the first week in December.

The Lincoln iJAG Nationwide mentors are joining the iJAG classes on a weekly basis to work on STEM-related projects. Recently, the students finished a CyberDefense project. They have now moved on to robotics and electronics, with the most recent project being Arduino. Students are building breadboards and writing code. It’s been pretty fun to watch some of them really dig in.

In the classroom, students are focused on Career Planning. They have been completing career assessments, writing career profiles, and exploring school options. DMACC has visited the iJAG classroom, helping students apply and get ready for their FAFSA applications.

Principal Financial Group is coming in monthly. John Deere will begin coming in after the first of the year to teach students 7 Habits of Effective Employees and will be tested on work ethic at the end of the series.

Check out some of their newsflashes below.



NSLA Competition NewsFlash

PFG Kickoff

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