LHS Construction Students Hard at Work

The LHS Construction Pre-Apprenticeship students have benn hard at work. On Tuesday, May 1st, students in the class made a pour to finish the parking area outside the auto/construction lab. The class was visited by Congressman Young. Congressman Young was interested in this class, because it is the only one in the United States that offers students an OSHA 10 card, 120 apprenticeship hours into the Laborers local, and students who complete the class are offered a job. Thank you to all those who helped with the pour. (Iowa Lecet, Laborers Local 177, Laborers Local 177 retirees and Iowa training and education fund). Students involved in the pour were: Alex Bryant, Seth Coder, Billy Estes, Armando Garcia, Elijah Gilbert, Dillan Lambert, Nick Masolini, Joe Schafer, Memphis Young, Grant Green and Justin Conn.


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