Humor Games

“When Katskills Wintergreen attends the annual Plottery she did not intend to enter the Humor Games, but when her little sister Dim is selected, Katskills is forced to make a tough decision. Katskills must enter the Humor Games, a comedy battle to the death, to save her sister. Her knack for impressions is all that stands between her and failure – that and her faithful co-competitor Tweeta Mellish, who ropes her into a romcom, and her childhood friend Gable Sevenhouse, a member of the collective resistance against evil President Nobiz L. Shobiz. In this slapstick parody of The Hunger Games, who will have the last laugh?

Find out November 1-3 as Lincoln Theatre Arts Presents The Humor Games. Showtime is 7pm and tickets are $5 for adults and children.”


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