Counseling Corner

“ASCA” Your Counselors!

Who We Are and What We Do:

What is ASCA? It is the American School Counselor Association to which all the counselors belong. This Association provides a framework of Accountability, Delivery, Foundation and Management of professional counseling programs in the schools K-12. The fundamental areas of focus for the school counselor are: Academic, Career and Personal/Social.


9th Grade Counselor – Aaron Carter – 515-242-7521 –

10th Grade Counselor – Denise Fechner 515-242-8172 –

11th Grade Counselor – Claudia Gonzalez – 515-242-7519 –

12th Grade Counselor – Julia Minnehan – 515-242-7543 –

AVID Counselor – Judith Clinton 515-242-7541 –




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