Athletic Eligibility Requirements

Lincoln has a complete and varied activities program and all students are encouraged to participate. School sponsored activities exist for the purpose of school spirit, social development, skill development, and fun. Staff sponsors will be present at all meetings and activities. Only organizations sanctioned by the activity guidelines will be recognized and supported by the administration. If questions exist regarding the legitimacy of a group please contact the Activities Office.

Student Eligibility

Summary of Scholarship Rule, 281—IAC 36.15(2)

A student must meet all items below in order be eligible to participate:
A student must receive credit in at least 4 subjects at all times.
A student must pass all and make adequate progress toward graduation to remain eligible.
If a student is not passing all at end of a final grading period, student is ineligible for first period of 30 consecutive calendar days in the interscholastic athletic event in which the student is a contestant. There is no requirement that the student competed in the sport previously. Students in baseball or softball have the same penalty as all other students.
If a student is not passing all at any check point (if school checks at any time other than the end of a grading period), period of ineligibility and conditions of reinstatement are left to the school.
Schools must check grades at the end of each grading period; otherwise, a school determines if and how often it checks grades.
A student with a disability and an IEP is judged based on progress made toward IEP goals.
The ability to use summer school or other means to make up failing grades for eligibility purposes not available. The rule now also requires that all original failing grades (even those remediated for purposes other than athletic eligibility) be reported to any school to which the student transfers.
Extracurricular activity is defined as one for which no grade is given and is not part of a graded course. Examples include athletics, cheerleading, and drama productions which are not part of the academic class.

School Attendance
You must attend at least half the school day before participating in a practice or a game. You will not be allowed to participate when you are suspended whether it is an in-school or out-of-school suspension. Suspensions are defined as from the time of the offense to the time of the readmit conference.

Students who accumulate 15 or more periods of unexcused absences may not attend or participate in any extra-curricular activity for the remainder of the grading period.

Communication with your coach or sponsor is essential

It is expected that all participants will adhere to the rules each individual coach or sponsor has established to be considered in good standing in any activity. Communicate directly with your coach if you cannot attend a practice or have any concerns.


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