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Math Contest ESEF

Students Compete in Math Contest


Juniors Kierstan Kahoe, Manoj Rai, and Freshman Brennan Waterman competed in the 17th Annual High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling. In this contest, students work as a team to solve a challenging but real-world problem. Their task this year was to design an ideal train station. They worked for nearly 36 hours to generate their … Read more »

Cultural Exchange 2

Cultural Exchange


Students in the English Language Learner (ELL) program and seniors in Mrs. Swanson’s Multicultural Literature met this week to share information about their experiences.  The 46 students met in groups of three and four for 45 minutes, sharing information to broaden understanding about their similarities and differences.  The classroom was abuzz as they discussed topics ranging from school and home … Read more »


Lincoln Drama Presents Hamlet


Abraham Lincoln High School will be performing Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, November 7th through 9th.  The play was adapted for Lincoln students and audiences by the director, D. LeAnn Oldenburger.  Oldenburger wanted a more modern script, but still wanted to keep the Shakespearean flavor.  Unsuccessful in finding something Oldenburger felt would fit that description, she … Read more »


Lincoln Speech and Debate Results


The Lincoln Speech and Debate has been busy this season. Check out some of their results below: Valley Mid America Cup Congratulations to Des Moines Lincoln’s Ashley May. Ashley made the final congress debate session at the Valley Mid-American Cup this weekend. She defeated students from New York, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to place … Read more »

Homepage Feature

Explore and Plan Tests


Lincoln High School and Rails Academy, along with other Des Moines Public Schools, will be issuing the Explore test to 9th graders and the Plan test to 10th graders on October 22.  Due to ACT testing in April, 11th graders will not need to be in attendance.  Seniors are expected to participate in the Senior … Read more »


A Culturally Responsive Building


We have over 42 different languages and 52 countries represented here at Lincoln. Here at Lincoln, there is a huge push to become a culturally competent building. It is who we are and not just what we do. We believe in high expectations for all students without exception. We believe students learn in different ways … Read more »

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Nov 24
Maroon Day (blocks 1-4)
Nov 24
Bowling: Boys Varsity
Nov 24
Bowling: Boys JV
Nov 24
Bowling: Girls Varsity
Nov 24
Bowling: Girls JV
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