Enrollment Process

Coming From a District Other Than Des Moines Public Schools:

Families new to the district or returning to Des Moines Public Schools from any other school district must visit the Welcome Center at 1301 2nd Avenue to enroll their children. Please call 242-7371 or 242-8102 (ELL) to make an appointment. Parents or guardians must be present at the time of enrollment to furnish the child’s birth certificate or other proof of birth.
Once you have completed your appointment at the Welcome Center, your enrollment paperwork will be processed and sent to Lincoln. After we receive your paperwork, you will need to set up a time to register at Lincoln, where you can pay any necessary school fees and get a schedule for your student. The Lincoln Registrar’s Office can be reached at 515-242-7506 to find out when the Welcome Center has processed your enrollment and schedule a time to get registered at Lincoln.
State law requires that all students enrolling in Iowa schools furnish a certificate of immunization for diptheria , tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, measles, rubella and hepatitis B. Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib) vaccination is only required for children entering preschool or day care. In addition, students who have lived in a country other than the United States within the past calendar year must provide proof of tuberculosis status before attending schools. The Mantoux test is requested.
The Des Moines Public Schools requests that all new students have a physical examination. Physicals are also requested when students enter preschool or kindergarten and third, sixth and ninth grades. Copies of the immunization and physical examination forms are available at all schools. The immunization requirement may be waived for religious reasons.

Coming From Another School in Des Moines Public Schools:

If you have moved and are transferring within the Des Moines Public School District to Lincoln, you must first complete the withdrawal and drop process at their home school prior to coming to Lincoln. This process includes collecting transfer grades and returning any text books. After you have completed the withdrawal process at your previous school, you may contact Lincoln to set up a time to register and get your student scheduled. The Lincoln Registrar’s Office can be reached at 515-242-7506 to find out if all of the necessary paperwork has been completed and to set up a time to get your student registered and scheduled.
Proof of your new address in the Lincoln area of the school district must be provided in order to register your student at Lincoln. Proof of your new address is a utility bill (cable, water, electricity, etc.) with your name and address on it showing that you are living in the Lincoln area of the district.
For families who would like their student to attend Lincoln but do not live in the Lincoln part of the school district, please contact the Open Enrollment office at 515-242-7707 or visit the Open Enrollment page of the DMPS website by clicking here.
Please contact the Lincoln Main Office at 515-242-7500 if you have any questions about the enrollment process at Lincoln.


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