Opportunities for Students

Lincoln provides time during the day to reach our students on many different levels. Most students participate in academic support and extra help they need in their classes. However, sometimes we offer other seminars to support and teach our students about various parts of life. Here is an example of a seminar recently at the RAILS Academy where Mr. Schipper hosted a group of young men to talk about the unhealthy views of masculinity and helping kids reclaim manhood in their school. Here are the commitments the group came up with at the end of the week:

* Challenging the Man Box
* Asking for help when I need it
* Showing emotion
* Refusing to use hate language to keep other men inside the man box
* Recognizing and challenging the objectification of women
* Respecting all women as I would my own family members
* Refusing to allow other men to go unchallenged when they use physical intimidation or violence
* Accepting that I have a role in preventing violence against women
* Teaching two friends about the man box and why it perpetuates violence and is bad for both men and women

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