For over 10 years, iJAG (Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates) has been successfully graduating students and preparing them to enter the workforce. In fact, 93% of iJAG students enroll in post-secondary education, join the military or are employed full time.Students in the iJAG program struggle with a contentional classroom setting because of distractions and other factors at home, outside the classroom or even in the classroom. iJAG helps students that don’t have access to talented and gifted programs or to special education resources, leaving them vunerable to falling through the cracks in a traditional educational system. iJAG works with these students to prevent dropouts and offer school-to-career solutions.

iJAG teaching relies on real-world, project-based instruction within conventional learning environments to enage students who otherwise would not be engaged in school. iJAG helps show students how to achieve the next step in their career or education.

You can learn more about this program on the official iJAG website or by watching a five minute video describing the basics of the iJAG program.

Contact Amy Jeffrey-Kennel , Lincoln’s iJAG Coordinator, to learn more about Lincoln’s program.